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Sensory & Movement Practices for Stress Reduction

With the popularity of mindfulness and self-care becoming common buzz-words in mainstream culture, these ideas and practices may feel inaccessible or self-indulgent when our lived realities don’t reflect these ideas.

This trauma-informed workshop re-imagines self-care as practices for self-soothing and ways of regulating our nervous systems whether we have enough “time” or ideal conditions. This workshop utilizes sensory and movement practices to create meaningful ways of that our honour our needs, allow greater self-compassion and provide new ways in working with our stress-responses.

This workshops educates participants to understand their window of tolerance – allowing sensory indicators to let help recognize our individual response to overwhelm or feelings of helplessness during stress or crisis cycle. By tuning into our nervous system, we can make empowered decisions that benefit us personally and strengthen our resiliency. Through a series of demos and group movement practices this workshops aims to strengthen new tools to respond to signs of stress and anxiety. Props, objects and sensory tools will also be provided.

**This workshops is not intended to provide therapeutic treatment or diagnoses, but rather highlights the importance of utilizing body-based and sensory tools to help identify ways that stress and anxiety shows up in the body and create strategies to improve one’s self-care needs.