Shaila Khan

2016 (TBA)

Excited to bring new workshops grounded in self-discovery and somatic healing...we are going beyond just "bellydance"

Stay Tuned!



Entry level class to establish a solid foundation in the methodology taught at Om Laila. Learn the basic 6 hip families, 7 arm positions, 4 shimmies.  Learn fluid undulations, circles and figure 8s. Get grounded in foundational footwork and fun travelling steps to get you on your way.  
Take home a beautiful video download of the course components so you can remember, practice and deepen what you have learned.

4 WEEK INTRODUCTORY COURSE .  Starts Saturday March 7 2015 12:30pm-1:30pm Om Laila StudioRegister here.

Body in Leadership (TBA

This project is currently being developed, and is a perfect choice for those looking for a taste of bellydance as well as techniques that can free us from stress, and connect and heal the body and mind. It will also incorporate a series of reflection and leadership exercises that help build confidence and energize relationships in both the workplace and in your personal life



A beginner to intermediate class will incorporate wave-work and delicious primer movements to absorb basic technique that we will build upon each week and introduce mini combos. We will introduce dimensional hips, a variety of shimmies, gooey isolations and basic traveling steps. By the end of this 7-week series you will awaken your inner Shakira and be thirsty for more!

Come drop by every Saturday starting March 7 2015 from 11am-12:15pm. More info and directions can be found here at

Diving into the creative world of the womb

Join us for a magical weekend to connect to your body and unleash your creative potential within! May 30-31. Early Bird Rates $160 before April 14. Regular Rate $180



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Retreat Details

Join us for a weekend to connect to your body and unleash your creative potential within! Maureen and Shaila are blending their callings together to offer a richly designed experience to recharge your feminine essence. Maureen has studied the lost Inca tradition of the power of the womb, which she will present through the series of “Womb Altars’. Shaila guide you to deepen the physical connection to the womb through healing dance movement and group facilitation exercises. Together we will dye our own silk veils as and use them as nurturing tools as we move through the woods, the river and the altars.

About Wyldwood Sojourn

Wyldwood Sojourn is an intimate hideaway on two wooded acres. It is a sanctuary holding space for soul work and all things connected to the Inner Feminine essence. . Maureen Walton designed this home to be a comfortable working space, finished with natural materials and supporting a simple life-style. Sleeping is in a communal space with cots and extra blankets provided. Tenting in also an option if you wish to camp around the beautiful property . If you require a further accommodations there is a spare room with double bed. Please let us know in advanced. There will be a maximum of 10 participants for this retreat.


Enjoy imaginative and made-from-scratch vegetarian approaches to workshop themes with local, organic and seasonal always at the fore!  If you have any food restrictions or allergies please let us know in advanced so we do our best to accommodate.

What to Pack

  • Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Flashlight with extra batteries for the night adventure
  • Bug repellent and bug spray
  • Comfortable clothing to dance in and move through the forest


Wyldwood Sojourn is a 2.5 hr drive from Toronto. Located at 2118 Melrose Rd, Marysville, ON K0K 2N0. Google map directions here.

Sign up & complete payment via PayPal. A confirmation email will be set to you. If you have any questions please contact me here.

Diving into the Creative World of the Womb
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