Shaila Khan


What is somatics for self-care?

Somatics for Self-Care allows us to tune into your natural body patterns and rhythms, often with greater accessibility than sitting meditations. It offers a range of diversified activities that can be customized.

Movement-based psychotherapy is leading new research in trauma treatment as well as anxiety, supporting the mind-body re-connection and the autonomic nervous system, which gets hijacked during trauma stress.

I offer customized workshops for organizations, individuals and institutes that focus on :

  • Tuning into your body’s wisdom to enable self-care and combat fatigue

  • experiencing your most succulent self and enliven your purpose

  • engaging in movement tools can be used to soothe and calm ourselves in moments of anxiety and overwhelm


gain new ways to...

  • Replenish and re-energize through grounded dance and movement technique

  • Counter fatigue and sluggishness through energetic and accessible movement experiences

  • Calm and soothe anxiety or stressors stored  in the body using both belly dance methodology and movement

  • Improve body-image and body-acceptance through reconnecting with your sensuality

  • Learn new self-care practices through sensory based explorations that tap into your body’s unique wisdom and uncover needs

  • Manage your stress-responses through simple sensory exercises to bring you into a more grounded and present state of  awareness